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Liquid Gold

$52.00 CAD
This 100% natural hair oil formula promotes hair growth and decreases shedding with the help of 13 different oils and herbs. With its star ingredient (Castor oil), it will promote thicker, shinier, bouncier, more manageable hair, stronger roots and healthier scalp.

Please note: When applied topically, castor oil is extremely safe during pregnancy. If you’re still worried and prefer a formula without castor oil, we have you covered! Liquid Gold C+A is the formula for you!

Liquid Gold C + A

$52.00 CAD
A luxurious 100% natural hair oil, with its 14 different oils and herbs, is designed to bring your hair and scalp back to life. Coconut and avocado infused, it will promote shinier hair, decrease frizz and take care of split ends for gorgeous hair and healthier scalp every day!

Pregnant women can confidently use Liquid Gold C + A. This formula replaces castor oil with coconut oil and avocado oil. Get it, C + A. If ingested, castor oil may cause contractions. There is no risk for topical use, the castor free formula was made for added reassurance. Everyone should have luxurious hair, worry-free!

Liquid Gold Atomic

$42.00 CAD
This sulfur induced highly concentrated hair oil is carefully designed to decrease shedding and help with faster growth in problem areas. With its 12 carefully selected potent ingredients, this powerhouse will give your roots everything it needs to thrive, bring back growth and decrease shedding.

Liquid Gold Tonic

$39.00 CAD
This very light no-rinse leave-in hair tonic is packed with 15 potent ingredients designed to give you new growth without the extra time and effort needed to wash it off. Just spray on your scalp and massage it gently to help with penetration and off you go! It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to boost your roots and encourage growth.

This hair tonic is 88% natural.

Liquid Gold Lash & Brow oil

$29.00 CAD
This 100% natural 2 in 1 lash and brow oil will safely support natural lash and brow growth, thickness and fullness while minimizing breakage and fallout. Do you want real lashes and brows that don’t need makeup to look fuller and longer, then look no further and try this oil to experience it firsthand!

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My name is Parissa Sarandi, the founder and CEO of Lilyam.

Lilyam is a family affair. The name comes from the combination of my children’s names: Lily and Liam. Inspiration for handmaking oil formulas comes from my mother.

I want to make hair care simple and effective. I’m a busy business owner, wife, and mother. I get that you’re busy too. So I understand that you need reliable, no-fuss products that give you bomb results. Give your confidence a boost by having the hair and scalp of your dreams.

I’m beyond ecstatic to share my oils with you. By applying the treatments, I know you will notice a dramatic change.

We love all hair types

Our oils work wonders on all hair types and textures. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, fine, course, thick or thin hair, we’ve got you covered.

You have hair ailments or maybe you just need an overall hair boost, we can help.

Our oils promote healthy, shiny, bouncy hair and a healthy scalp. If you want luxury in a bottle then look no further!

We’ve got the remedy

If your hair or scalp needs TLC, our oils are just what you need. Our oils can decrease shedding, increase growth, increase moisture, improve dry scalp, improve psoriasis and eczema, and help with split ends, repairs hair breakage, strengthens the hair follicle, helps with postpartum hair loss, reduces scalp inflammation, stimulates beard growth, tames frizz and helps with dandruff.

Get ready for a hair and scalp transformation.


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