6 Facts You Should Know About Your Hair

Do You Really Know Your Hair?

If you think about it, your relationship with your hair is sort of like our relationship with other people. The better you know them, the better you understand their behaviors. When you know someone, it’s easier to be with them and take care of them. Likewise, when you know your hair it’s easier to find a hair care routine that works and prevents the most common problems. 

Well, obviously, you can’t sit down with your hair and have a deep, heart-to-heart talk. But this list of hair facts and tips can help your relationship with your hair. 

6 Facts You Should Know About Your Hair

Fact 1: One strand of hair has a three to five-year lifespan.

Since each strand of hair is going to be with you for three to five years, it’s important to ensure it is healthy. 

Fact 2: Hair is comprised of keratin, a tough fibrous protein.

Did you know that your diet affects your hair as well as the whole body? Your strands are made up of protein building blocks. It’s important to consume adequate amounts of protein in your diet. If you don’t get enough, your hair may weaken, and it will grow more slowly. This can lead to more problems like hair loss. A well-balanced diet that includes plenty of protein and other essential nutrients fuels hair growth and keeps your strands healthy and happy.

Fact 3: Your hair grows faster in warmer weather.

Warmer temperatures stimulate hair growth. It’s not just your imagination, your hair grows faster during the warmer months, and especially during summer. 

Fact 4: Your hair tells you about your overall health.

Your hair is pretty smart. Everything that goes through your bloodstream goes through your strands. Your hair reflects your lifestyle. If you notice your hair being off a little bit, check your lifestyle and health habits. If you are not getting adequate nutrition or hydration, your hair will look dull or begin to fall out. It will begin to look damaged if it’s exposed to too much sun or pollution. You can trust your hair. It will indicate if something is off.

Fact 5: Your hair is most vulnerable when it is wet.

If you wrap a towel around your hair or rub it vigorously after washing, you may be damaging it. Brushing it too harshly while it is still wet can also cause breakage and damage. Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel, use the towel to gently squeeze the excess water out. Blot your hair with the towel, but don’t rub. Then, carefully start detangling it from the bottom, and work your way toward the top gently. Also, remember tying your hair up while it’s still wet can cause damage and breakage too.

Fact 6: Dandruff is not a sign of poor hygiene.

Some people think they will never get dandruff if they wash their hair regularly. Dandruff can be due to one or more things. Stress, illness, harsh hair products, poor diet, and other things can cause dandruff. These things disrupt the scalp’s natural protective layer. When this layer becomes dry and damaged, dandruff develops. Hair oiling is beneficial for restoring the scalp. Using Lilyam hair oils regularly can help prevent dandruff.


Let Lilyam Hair Oils Help You Care for Your Hair

When you notice subtle changes with your hair, it’s a sign for you to see what changed. Maybe you made some dietary changes or have been drying your hair too rigorously. It may be time to change from chemical-laden shampoos and hair products to protect your mane from damage. The natural ingredients in Lilyam hair oils are uniquely combined to help prevent hair fall, dandruff, and other common problems people with any type of hair face. Not sure where to start? Contact us and let us help you find the perfect solution to treat your hair right.

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