Our Story

Our Difference

Lilyam CEO and Founder, Parissa Sarandi is a pharmacist. Her science background, coupled with a focus on hair health led her to create Lilyam.

Lilyam’s handmade oils protect, nourish, and strengthen hair. The health of your hair and scalp is Lilyam’s number one priority.

Say hello to healthy gorgeous hair.

My mission

I want to make hair care simple and effective. I’m a busy business owner, wife, and mother. I get that you’re busy too. So I understand that you need reliable, no-fuss products that give you bomb results. Give your confidence a boost by having the hair and scalp of your dreams. Lilyam is the answer.


I first started experimenting with hair oils when I was pregnant with my daughter, but the idea for Lilyam came after my own hair loss experience. I started losing my hair after giving birth. Some post-pregnancy shedding is normal. But for me, the shedding was much more than that. I was desperate to slow down the shedding, yet I didn’t want to try any of the hair treatments on the market. I own a pharmacy and know first hand how many chemicals are found in commercially available hair products I went back to my childhood roots. Mother always knows best! I mixed a few oils and applied them to my hair and scalp. The results were immediate and miraculous! From there, I researched and learned more about different herbs, plants, and oils to maximize their effect by finding the best synergy!

I’ve been using my formulas for years and gifting bottles to friends. After much prodding from family and friends, I finally decided to brand and launch Lilyam! I’m beyond ecstatic to share my oils with you. By applying the treatments, I know you will notice a dramatic change.

This is a family affair.

The name Lilyam comes from the combination of my children’s names: Lily and Liam. Inspiration for handmaking oil formulas comes from my mother. When I was a little girl, my mother would religiously apply different oil mixtures to her hair. She had the most luxurious shiny, thick hair. It was beautiful, but also healthy and strong.

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