Benefits of Coconut Oil for the Hair

You’ve probably noticed a lot of skin care and beauty products use coconut oil. It may seem like it’s just a trendy thing to do. But the reality is that coconut oil has been used for moisturizing the hair for years. It protects hair too, by acting as a natural sunscreen. Over the last few years, it’s become a staple for hair and skin care regimens. There are some good reasons for that. Let’s take a look at the benefits coconut oil offers your hair.

Top 4 Benefits Coconut Oil Offers Your Hair

Coconut Oil for a Longer, Thicker Mane

Your daily hair care routine may be damaging your hair more than helping it especially when it comes to growth and thickness. Grooming, styling, pollutants, and the weather can cause wear and tear for your hair. These inhibit hair growth, and it can be more tired and worn if it gets longer. Coconut oil helps hair grow healthier and longer by:

  • Reducing breakage
  • Moisturizing your hair
  • Protecting hair and helping it maintain protein levels
  • Protecting hair from environmental elements like smoke, sun, and wind

To reap the most benefits from coconut oil, it should be incorporated into your regular beauty routine. The vitamin content and fatty acids in coconut oil provide nourishment for your scalp and hair and encourage healthy hair growth.

Coconut Oil Helps Manage Frizz

If you notice more frizz and more split ends, coconut oil may be the right fix. You will probably need to get a trim to get rid of the split ends. But coconut oil can help control frizz on the split ends and the rest of your hair. As it replenishes moisture in the hair, it prevents the dreaded frizz. By smoothing the cuticles on the split ends, the hair doesn’t look as frayed on the ends.

Use it to Treat Dandruff

No one likes to see specks on their shoulders. It can only mean one thing, dandruff. Letting coconut oil set on your scalp for about five minutes before shampooing it out can help you see less dandruff. It reduces flaking as it restores scalp health. Dandruff occurs as a result of an overgrowth of yeast or fungus on the scalp. The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil may be partly responsible for getting rid of and treating dandruff.

Coconut Oil May Protect from Sun Damage

The natural properties of coconut oil provide a natural SPF. It can protect both the hair and the skin from harmful UV rays. Some studies have indicated that coconut oil may have a sun protection factor of eight which is some serious protection against sun damage.

Coconut Oil in Lilyam Hair Oils

These are just four of the reasons coconut oil is included in Lilyam oil’s all-natural, Liquid Gold C+A formula. If you have any questions about our oils or taking care of your naturally curly hair, please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you find solutions that work.

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