The Four Phases of Hair Growth Cycle

Hair grows out from a follicle, sometimes called the root. The follicle lies just underneath the skin’s surface. Blood vessels at the base of the follicles provide the nourishment needed for growth. There are four phases of hair growth between when the hair starts to grow and when it starts to fall out. These stages are anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen. It is possible for each hair to be in a different growth stage all at the same time.

As the body ages over time, the anagen stage becomes shorter. This causes hair to weaken and thin after each cycle. Maintaining a diet rich in hair-healthy nutrients can help keep hair healthy. Products that contain almond oil and avocado oil are good for your hair and can help keep it healthy throughout the four phases of hair growth. Lilyam oils contain both of these oils to help ensure a healthy mane.

Phases of Hair Growth

During the four phases of hair growth, the hair grows, sheds, and rests. Of course, you desire to lengthen the growth phase and shorten the resting phase as much as possible. So, here are the four phases of hair growth cycle to help you understand how they progress.

Anagen Phase of Hair Growth

During this initial stage, your hair grows about a half-inch every 28 days. The cells continue to divide. Everyone is different when it comes to how long they stay in this phase. The goal is to stay in this stage as long as possible. Many things influence this phase and shorten it. Some of the most common influencers that can shorten the anagen phase include stress, medications, sudden weight loss, poor diet, aging, and hormone imbalance. Even over-styling your hair can shorten this cycle.

Think of each hair follicle as a mini-organ with a built-in biological clock. If it becomes out of balance or is attacked in some way, it disrupts the production of hair. Hair isn’t able to grow if blood vessels become clogged or circulation becomes compromised in any way.

Catagen Phase of Hair Growth

The second stage of hair growth, the catagen phase, is two weeks during the end of the Anagen phase. During this stage, follicles detach from blood vessels, and the supply of blood is cut off. Colorless, short hairs often called “club hairs” or “dead hairs” just stop growing.

Telogen Phase of Hair Growth

During this phase, the hair follicle rests. It lasts about three months and leads up to starting the Anagen phase all over again. If it lasts too long or starts too early, the hair will be noticeably thinner. When the scalp is not healthy, hair stays in this resting phase longer. When this occurs, there may be severe daily shedding. There are ways to nourish your scalp to help prevent this. Eat a healthy diet by getting plenty of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids. The application of specific oils in Lilyam products can also help nourish the scalp.

Exogen Phase of Hair Growth

The final stage is just an extension of the resting phase. You will shed dead hair and grow new hair at the same time. During this phase, you will likely shed between 50 and 100 hairs every day. That’s normal but you don’t want to stay in this phase too long. Keeping your scalp nourished and healthy as well as reducing negative external and internal triggers like smoking, environmental toxins, and stress will help.

Please contact us at Lilyam if you have any questions about the phases of hair growth. Our oils are 100% natural, handmade and cruelty-free so your hair gets the purest, most effective treatment possible. Let us help you nourish your scalp and hair.

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