How To Nourish Your Locks With Natural Hair Oils

Oil is not an enemy of your gorgeous locks. In fact, natural oils can give your locks a lustrous, luscious look when it is used properly. Many of us avoid using oil thinking it would just make our hair oilier and more difficult to manage. When you have naturally oily hair, you risk washing it too much trying to wash it out. Instead, you find you make it hard to manage, frizzy, and dry. It’s an understatement to say we often achieve the opposite outcome from what we desired. The truth is that hair needs oil, either naturally or added carefully. When your strands have the right amount of oil, they become healthy, strong, shiny, and smooth. Here are a few suggestions for how to incorporate oil into your hair routine.

Wash Your Hair As Little as Possible

Your hair needs to be free to produce oils naturally. It can feel different when you are trying to skip shampoos. Try using a naturally dry shampoo. These usually contain cornstarch or rice flour and absorb the extra greasiness. You can also try a few different hairdos to help you delay washing your hair. Try to go at least two or three days without washing your hair, if you can, to allow the natural oils to do their work.

Don’t Strip Your Hair’s Natural Oils

Many commercially made haircare products, including shampoos and conditioners, include harsh, synthetic chemicals. These can strip your scalp and hair of natural oils. This will make your scalp produce more oils to compensate. Choose gentle, all-natural shampoos and conditioners. You can go totally radical and try water-only washing. Or you can try making your own haircare products using apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

Give Yourself a Good Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is good for stimulating hair growth, especially if you use natural oils like avocado oil. You may also find that a scalp massage helps your body relax. Add a few drops of natural oils like Lilyam Gold C+A. Gently massage it into your scalp. Natural oils can help reduce dandruff, reduce hair loss, and make your hair less frizzy and shinier all at the same time. Massage the oils into your scalp and let it set for about half an hour before washing it out.

Using Oil for a Deep Conditioning

Every few weeks or so, you can use coconut oil for a deep conditioner. Slather the coconut oil over all your hair. Then, wrap it up in a towel or old t-shirt. Wait at least 20 minutes and then wash the oil out of your hair. It can take a couple of rinses and scrubs to get it all out. But the end result will be shiny, hydrated locks.

Add Oil After Washing

After you wash your hair, you can add natural oils. It is best if you can do it while your hair is still wet. Start with a small bit of oil and apply it to the lower shafts. This is where your hair is most likely to be frizzy or dry. Work the oil through the ends of your hair and then gently brush it. Your hair is easily damaged when it is wet, so be gentle.

Have You Tried Lilyam Oils Yet?

Your hair will love you after you start using hair oils! If you are not sure where to start, please contact us. We will be happy to help you find the perfect oil for the results you hope to achieve with your strands.

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