Ready to Travel? Hair Tips for Traveling

The post-pandemic world isn’t the same as the one that shut down early in 2020. But some things are slowly starting to return to normal and travel is no exception. There are some changes, but as the world is opening up, travel continues to pick up. Traveling any distance can be a challenge when it comes to hair care. But when you are traveling you want your locks to look better than ever, right? Check out these tips for caring for your hair while traveling.

Hair Tips for Traveling:

Master Simple, Practical, and Comfortable Hairstyles

It is difficult to keep fancy hairstyles in place while you are on the go and traveling. You also may not want to spend limited trip time fighting with your hair when you have new places to explore and people to meet.  Learning a few basic and stylish tricks with your hair will keep you looking great and give you more time to enjoy your new surroundings. Updos are a great choice as they keep your hair out of your way while you are navigating uncharted territory. They also help keep you cool and don’t get messed up too easily.

Pack Your Hair Accessories

Be sure to pack any hair accessories that might be useful on your trip. Toss a little bit of everything in from headscarves to hair clips, scrunchies to bobby pins. These items can come in handy while traveling. A headband can be a lifesaver when you don’t have time to style. A pretty scarf can be stylish and effortless. 

Moisturize Your Hair Before and After Flights

The airplane cabin recirculates dry air and pulls moisture from any place it can get it. This includes your hair. Consider oiling your hair with your choice of oils before your flight. This helps provide a good boost of moisture and conditioning. Lilyam oils also provide nourishment for the journey. When you arrive at your destination, you may want to oil your hair again to keep your locks gorgeously moisturized and undamaged from traveling and airplane air.

Protect Hair from Salt and Pool Water

If your trip takes to the ocean or you’ll be spending time in the pool, make sure to protect your hair from damage. One way to protect your hair from salt and chlorine damage is to mix leave-on conditioner with water and put it in a spray bottle. Spritz it on your hair before diving into the water.

Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Take a hat or headscarf with you, especially if you are traveling to a sunny location. Too much exposure to the sun can fry your hair. If it is colored or dyed, it will fade quickly. Cover it up!

Take Your Own Hair Care Products With You

If you’ve traveled at all, you know the hospitality industry furnishes toiletries for guests. That might be okay in an emergency, but it’s barely “okay.” Bring the products you are used to using on your hair, so it gets the treatment and TLC it is used to receiving. By using your own hair care products, you may prevent a potential allergic reaction, especially if you have a sensitive scalp. Transfer your items to smaller containers so they are easier to transport. Make sure to take everything you use at home including hair oils.

Check Out Lilyam Hair Oils

Are you not sure how to treat your hair with hair oils? Do you know which ones are best for your hair type? Contact us and let us answer all your questions about our natural hair oils and how they can benefit your hair and help keep your curly locks shiny and gorgeous. Let us know how we can help you!

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